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Message from Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

First of all I Welcome you in KAHS, with the result of previous year l really can say that we are one of the best academy to provide quality technical education. We are very happy to tell you that Kantipur Academy of Health Science (KAHS) enhances the career of students. KAHS strives to meet the ever growing need of quality technical education. We are committed to academic excellence with personality development.

KAHS welcomes your keen interest with the creative guidance of doctors, competent faculty members and efficient administration. I believe that KAHS is a distinct and outstanding academy.

Your future enshrines our identity, so we are indispensable to provide career based education. Our ceaseless effort will be continuous with vigilance, compassion and constant encouragement from all sides of our academic and administrative staffs.
I am proud of KAHS because we are not only providing the knowledge based education but also ensure career of our students.
I am very eager to say that KAHS is one of the technical academies which them to provide quality education to the students and ensures academically sound, personally compassionate and socially responsible citizens to cope with the challenges of the globe.

Last but not least I want to extend my heartiest best wishes for the steady progress and future achievements of all the committed students for their excellent and evergreen tomorrow.

Thank You.

Sudeep Kumar Thakur