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Public Health

Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) at department of KAHS is a four year program. The course aims to develop skills in designing, analyzing and evaluation applied public health science research and management.The course provides advanced knowledge and practical skills in primary health Care to those who have qualified the certificate level programs in medicine, nursing, health sciences & also to other related professionals.Moreover,develops skills in measurement, design, analysis and evaluation for applied public health sciences research and programme management.The course is designed to promote an understanding of health and disease based on public health principles. The primary goal of Bachelors in public health at KAHS is to enable and train people in public health who will help communities to achieve their optimal level of health and encourage them to adopt health behaviors in turn improve the quality of life of individuals and communities.
The program helps learners to apply public health skills and competencies across a number of public health-related settings in order to improve the health of communities. Rooted in the principles and competencies of public health, the curriculum prepares students to translate and apply course content into practice, students learn about a range of issues impacting population health and healthcare systems, including environmental health, disease prevention, health informatics, global health, ethics, and behavioral and cultural issues.

However, Nepal is facing three fold burdens of diseases (communicable, life-style related and poverty). In order to cope with this complex situation, development of public health graduates with necessary skills has become inevitable. BPH at KAHS envisions fulfilling the need of middle level public health worker in Nepal.

Scope of Public Health
A public health professional can work in public health sectors, community health services, I/NGOs and government public health offices. A qualified graduate can provide intellectual leadership in the policy making level, regulatory affairs and quality service in health sectors and other related bodies. They will also have several opportunities for higher studies; training, research activities and consultancies.

Trained public health professionals have high demand to solve the existing as well as emerging challenges in health and inter-related sector. BPH course provides a strong foundation to the students to build their career in governmental sector like Department of Health (DoH) as health inspector, district supervisors, district public health officers, etc. Abundance of opportunity exists in both national and international organizations including WHO, UNICEF, FAO, etc. Opportunity also exists in private hospitals, education sector, research institutions, consultancies and counselling centres.

The Bachelors in Public Health (BPH) program intends to produce skillful, market oriented and competent graduates who can contribute in delivering the public health program effectively. At the completion of the course, the students shall be able to: 

  • Provide advance knowledge and practical skills in the public health for graduates of certificate level program in general medicine ,nursing (staff nurse) and health science and for certificate graduates in the science with biology.
  • Develop required skills in designing, analyzing and evaluating applied public health science research and management.
  • Euip public health specialist with communication and group organization skills for promoting community participation in health and development activities ultimately leading to individual and community self reliance in health services and improvement in health status of people.
  • Enable public health professionals to deal with existing realities in district public health management issues, concern and problems.
  • Foster positive attitudes in health professionals and encourage them to provide more accessible and equitable primary health care services for disadvantaged groups and communities.
  • Develop the leadership capabilities of public health professional in the management of primary health care and district level public health programs.
  • Enhanced vocational competence of public health professionals through advanced education in health strategies, health promotion and health programming.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills in applied health sciences, laboratory works on applied health sciences and their application.
  • Train and develop the skills on epidemiological aspects of diseases and health system.
  • Develop skills in designing, analyzing and evaluation applied public health science research and management.
  • Enhance the knowledge and practical skills in dealing with human resource development and existing issues in public health management.
  • Develop the resource and scientific writing skills through the introduction of term paper and thesis.
  • Ensure the skillful, practical and leading human resources through the community diagnosis and comprehensive field practices.
  • Develop the extracurricular competencies through training, seminar and exposure.


I.Sc or 10+2 or equivalent with minimum of 50% marks (in aggregate) of the grand total with Biology, English, Physics, and Chemistry as the main subjects. The candidate must have secured not less than 50% marks in both theory and practical in each of the PCB Subjects-Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. An entrance examination is held to select candidates on the basis of merit.