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Bsc. Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four years course, which aims to produce competent nurses in different specialities of nursing services.The course aims to prepare nursing professionals to be able to perform evidence based nursing and educational practice by critical analysis of problems in different situations.
The program will prepare nurse graduate to function independently or in collaboration with multidisciplinary health team members in the care of individual, family, group and community regarding preventive, pro motive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.This course comprises both theoretical and practical components, with a diversified content that is designed to develop the student's ability.

Scope of Bsc. Nursing
Plenty of scopes and opportunities are available for nursing nowadays. On the completion of their studies, students can get jobs with many private as well as public sector undertakings. A few of the areas where students can get jobs comprise of:
-Clinics and Health Departments
-Defence Services
-Industrial Houses and Factories
-Nursing Science Schools
- Public Sector Medical Departments
-Training Institutes
It is also possible for nursing students to work with charitable institutions such as Old Age Homes and Orphanages. Job opportunities are available for nurses at Nursing Homes too.

The candidate applying for nursing must be a +2 science or science pass out with English as compulsory subject and biology as a major or the student must be a graduate of Proficiency certificate level nursing, either degrees are accepted until and unless from a recognized body.